​Young Real Estate Inspections LLC   ​​
The inspections I perform last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours with the average being 3.  I strongly encourage my clients to be present during the inspection even if it is only for the last hour. This gives me an opportunity to answer any questions about the scope of the inspection and the property being inspected. I pride myself with a strong work ethic and will take the necessary steps to perform an inspection as thorough as possible. This sometimes means getting into an attic or crawl space that may not be easily accessible, and yes getting dirty. In the end you will benefit from the amount of pride I take in my work.  
I have invested in what in my opinion is the best reporting software on the market. I researched and demoed several different products prior to choosing one. The software I use is called Palm-teck. This software is extremely customizable and I have spent a great deal of time formatting it to produce an easy to read yet very informative report. I have the ability to add as many photos as I feel necessary to prevent any confusion. My reports are not a simple check box style report. Every report I produce gets customized to fit the property I am inspecting and contains a wealth of relevant information.